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Charnwood Genealogy is run by Simon Last - please allow me to introduce myself to you on this page.

Simon Last

Genealogist and Family Researcher


About Me

Having been born in Suffolk, I have strong links to East Anglia, now living and working in Southend on Sea, Essex.


I have been interestered in Family History for a number of years and really enjoy helping other to discover more about their own family trees and roots.


I studied for my Post Graduate Certificate in Genealogy in 2010/11 and as part of this undertook a project involving the reasearch into families and the men involved in World War One on the Framlingham and Aldeburgh War Memorials in Suffolk, which involved trips to France and Belgium and the opportunity to meet some fascinating people along the way.


I am a member of the Society of Genealogists, The Guild of One Name Studies and the Suffolk and Essex Family History Societies,  as well as being the Treseaurer for the Southend branch of the Western Front Association.


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Tel: 07740 600128

email: charnwoodresearch@virginmedia.com


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Research Feedback and Comments


This book was well researched, easy to read and very informative.  Simon was not afraid to contact others to gain more source information about the names on the memorial and give them credit for their work.  I am so pleased I was able to help


Jan Cooper



Dear Sir,


I have never been able to trace my mother's family for her, as I was unsure how to do this as we had no information except her mothers name and a rough idea of her date of birth - until that is I was introduced to you and within hours you had traced her immediate family for her, much to her immense joy!.


Since then you have gone on to trace her relations up to this day - many of whom she never knew exsisted or were still alive.


We very much look forward to you finding out still more news for her and you keep surprising us with information, for which we are extremely grateful.


Yours sincerely


Lynne Watson



The Book 'Framlingham War Memorial' written and compiled by Simon Last is an excellent piece of work; it is succinct and very informative. A fascinating read, I couldn't believe how many men gave their lives from one small village and the part they had played in village life. It gives you a small insight into how the great war(s) affected even the "hidden" villages in our country. One could not fail to be moved by the extracts from families' memories of their loved one(s) lost!


The people of Framlingham must be very pleased to have this snapshot of 'the men behind the names' captured between pages for future prosperity, not just for the history books but also to recognise the sacrifice made for those who live today and tomorrow...

Revd Kate Hackett


I feel it is only good manners to let you know that I received my copy safely, and would have sent this e-mail sooner, had I not read it front to back, and found it very interesting and moving, even more so when I noticed the web site on Framlingham at the back of the book, once I opened that up it was like being transported back to my childhood, and carried on from where the book finished to take me on a journey through time from WW1 through to the FRAM I knew at about the time I left.


Not being as I have earlier said very computer literate, I probably would never have come across it on my own, so I am again in debt to you for opening up something that has given me a great deal of pleasure, as well as making me feel a bit homesick, and that has to be a sign of a happy period in my early life.


I should be very interested if you carry out a similar project on the names of the fallen in WW2.


Ian Creasy




Dear Simon,


I must congratulate you on your book. There is much of interest, and is an important reference book for the future




John Bridges



Hi Simon


It was great to meet you on the 11th.


Congratulations on a fascinating book which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, I do appreciate the work you have put into it, the checking of details and records is very time consuming and you do have to be so accurate on detail, I know having done so myself but not on the scale you tackled.


I’m very passionate about that time in our history, having three relatives buried in France. I think it’s a book that most people in Framlingham should read and what a great subject for 10/11 year olds in our school to study with your book as a guide.


Kindest Regards


Len Bassett


Hi Simon

Many thanks for a very interesting afternoon at Parham on Saturday.  Although there were only 3 of us from our line of the family it was interesting to meet them and others and catch up.  A lot of work must have gone into the preparations and no doubt you will have met cousins you haven't met up with before.

Thanks again.

Marjorie Havers (nee Last)

Researching in France